The fado of Luísa Rocha has this serenity. He grew up on firm ground for a decade with the safe and conscious humility of those who know how to reap the teachings of the old masters and seize them lucidly without ever yielding to the temptation of easy imitation.
The intransigence in the selection of the repertoire and the strict respect for the tradition of which he is heir are, in fact, other of the qualities that we hardly find and that we find in the fado of Luísa Rock.
In it combine the austerity of the traditional and the passionate rapture of those who understood – for a long time – the essence of what sings. This artistic maturity of Luísa Rocha was forged, in the solidity of the teachings of the King of Fado Minor, António Rocha. He drank from the experience of the great stage and continued growing when revisiting the figure of Ercília Costa in the cinema. The maturity of Luísa is knowledgeable of the stories collected from Fontes Rocha in the daily life lived in the houses of fado.
The fado of Luísa Rocha is also, for all this, brutally honest. The words spoken are transparent. Whole and full of meaning. With the solidity of those who follow a new path, for the simple reason of bringing with them the most genuine enchantment for the past. At this moment Luísa Rocha is part of the cast of one of the most prestigious houses of Fado de Lisboa, Pateo de Alfama.